2016 Feeder Photos and Instructions

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Guinness 2016

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Guinness’s Weight today is 13.5 lbs

His ideal weight is 12.5 – 13.5lbs – bathroom scales in storage box to keep in check. Its important to keep his weight in this range to avoid Diabetes and enable him to continue with his annual allergy medication jabs (Depot 0.5cc).

Adjust his BREAKFAST measure to between a level measure and a heaped measure accordingly. Keep his dinner as a heaped measure, but maybe less heaped.

(NOTE * He will always finish a level measure at all mealtimes, if he doesn’t there is something not quite right)  –  read more about Manual Feeding



Vaccinated July 2016

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As of July 2016 Guinness is up to date on his vaccination and has had a DEPOT jab of 0.5cc to reduce his itching tummy.

Makawao Vets 1-808 572 9003



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actually not quite so fat anymore – down to 13lbs  (down from 16)




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Guinness is a poser !

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Today we walked down the drive and watched the resident Barn Owl- Another dash back to the house to get my camera…

Photos of Guinness

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…And his best friend Kitty










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